S.O.U.R.C.E Branding

SOURCE is a student conference held at St. Edwards University that stands for "Symposium on Undergraduate Research and Creative Expression." It provides opportunities for students to share their work (creative and academic) with peers, faculty, university administration, and guests. I created a brand image for this conference, below is a file of ideas I accumulated throughout the working of the project for inspiration on my designs. 

mood board real [Recovered].jpg

I created a booklet using Adobe InDesign for the creation of the program and used Adobe Photoshop to create these mockups below.

A PDF of the full program is linked here.  

SOURCE booklet.jpg

I used Abode InDesign to start sketching out what I wanted the poster for submission to look like, below are some things I had in mind to show my client. 

source poster 1 idea updated resized2.pn

This is the final poster my client chose for me to keep working on. I created a mockup of what it would look like on the street.


I also created a goodie bag mockup using Photoshop so people could take home after the conference