Pitch Deck first slide.jpg

My goal for this project was to make the Ann and Roy Hike and Bike trail more accessible to everyone out there. I presented this pitch deck to prove that this trail would benefit from a website and mobile app to help visitors get the most out of their day at the hike and bike trail.

I decided to create a journey map to guide myself into what was most important to the day to day trail visitor. I put myself in the visitor's shoes and thought about what they arere doing, thinking, and feeling throughout their trip to the Hike and Bike Trail. 

hike and bike journey map updated-01.png

When I first started creating this website, I was leaning towards designing a computer website, I had a flowchart and wireframes when I realized that people at the trail weren't going to be able to access this site comfortably on their phones.


I decided that creating a mobile website was going to get better use out of it for the trail visitors and a lot more helpful for them as well. So I created a flowchart to guide me through the process of design.


This is my final result: